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A Certificate of Satisfaction from the Home Owner

SERVPRO Satisfaction Survey

We want to assure our clients are happy with our work. Each customer receives a Certificate of Satisfaction at the end of each job to fill out and rate our work.

The certificate is then sent to the homeowner's Insurance Agent to let them know how well we are doing as a vendor.

Mold showing up behind a wet wall

Mold Damage Cleanup

Cleaning mold from a home that has been damaged should be done by an experienced and certified mold remediation company.

Black mold will present itself when moisture is present in the home. Get rid of the mold the right way by calling a certified mold remediation company.

Plastic sheeting containment in a home with black mold.

Black Mold damage in Kanab, UT

Black mold is a common occurrence in Utah, even in dryer places like Kanab, UT. It doesn't matter the size, it should be handled by certified mold remediation experts.

In this home, we built a containment to keep the mold spores from spreading into uncontaminated areas of the house.

SERVPRO Bouncy House

Community Support

At SERVPRO we work hard but that doesn't mean that we don't know how to have a little fun from time to time as well. We like to be actively involved in supporting different community events and know how to make sure that people can have a good time.