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A Certificate of Satisfaction from the Home Owner

SERVPRO Satisfaction Survey

We want to assure our clients are happy with our work. Each customer receives a Certificate of Satisfaction at the end of each job to fill out and rate our work.

The certificate is then sent to the homeowner's Insurance Agent to let them know how well we are doing as a vendor.

Cleaned Kitchen Counter after Fire Damage

Fire Damage Cleaning Services

Having to deal with fire damage can be hard. Calling SERVPRO is the easiest way to take it off your hands. We work directly with your insurance company and can have your home looking "Like it never even happened."

Dryer stacked on top of a washer in a Cedar City Home

Dryer Fire in Cedar City, UT

Keeping your dryer vents clean will reduce the risk of having a fire. A dryer fire can become a serious cleanup job.

Fire cleaning should be done right away to keep the smoke smell from spreading throughout the house.

Mold showing up behind a wet wall

Mold Damage Cleanup

Cleaning mold from a home that has been damaged should be done by an experienced and certified mold remediation company.

Black mold will present itself when moisture is present in the home. Get rid of the mold the right way by calling a certified mold remediation company.

Water damage in a commercial office with green air movers

Office Water Damage Problems

This was a very fun office with all the Star Wars figurines. The owner of the office was very worried that the humidity would damage the figurines and office equipment.

We made sure that floors and walls dried quickly using air movers and dehumidifiers.

Water damage left behind staining on the commercial carpet.

Carpet Cleaning is Part of Restoration

Carpets can stain after they have suffered water damage. Part of the restoration process is to have carpets cleaned and disinfected after a broken pipe or flood has caused damage. 

Water spots darkening a ceiling tile in Cedar City, UT

Ceiling Tiles with Water Damage

Water damage on a ceiling tile is a sure sign of an underlying problem. The water damage was just the start of this Cedar City Property's problems. A broken pipe caused flooding on the entire first floor of the building. 

Burned ceiling and cabinets in Cedar City home

Large Kitchen Fire

This fire got big enough to start the ceiling on fire too. There was a lot of damage done to the kitchen which needed some demolition. The whole house smelled of burned food and building materials too.

Call SERVPRO for Fire Damage Cleanup

Flood water inside the hallway of a Cedar City home

Flooded Cedar City Hallway

The halls of this home were flooded after heavy rains. Your insurance company calls this water "black water" or "category 3 water." We'll extract the water from the home and begin the disinfection and drying process. Check out our flood page for more information.

Flood water in a commercial kitchen.

Restaurant Damage from Flooding

Floodwater doesn't only affect residential properties. SERVPRO also doesn't only clean up residential properties. When your commercial property is damaged from flooding we will have it cleaned up and back in business right away.

Flood cuts in a home in Cedar City

Flood water damage in Cedar City

When a flood happens in your home it is customary to get rid of any materials that soaked up water. Flood cuts are used to get rid of the drywall that has soaked up bacteria-infested flood water.

Fallen insulation in a Kanab Home

Kanab home sustains Storm Damage

The wind damage in Kanab can cause a lot of problems. There was partial roof damage done to this Kanab home which caused rainwater to run into the home. The ceiling was destroyed but our experienced technicians were able to have the place cleaned up after the storm.

Mold on wall board under baseboards

Baseboard Mold Damage

Mold may not show up right away because it takes at least 24 hours for it to grow. The water in the wall may have dried quickly but under the baseboard, it took longer to dry.

The mold went unnoticed until the smell started to develop in the area. We took care of the mold for this local Cedar City Business.

Plastic sheeting containment in a home with black mold.

Black Mold damage in Kanab, UT

Black mold is a common occurrence in Utah, even in dryer places like Kanab, UT. It doesn't matter the size, it should be handled by certified mold remediation experts.

In this home, we built a containment to keep the mold spores from spreading into uncontaminated areas of the house.

Ceiling paint bubbling in a home

Bubbling Paint in Cedar City, Utah

When this home flooded they knew they needed help for the cleanup. The homeowners called their insurance agent and we were immediately dispatched to begin water mitigation and cleanup.

When your home is flooded it is important to use a company that is trusted by your insurance company. SERVPRO is the most trusted brand in water restoration cleanup.

SERVPRO Bouncy House

Community Support

At SERVPRO we work hard but that doesn't mean that we don't know how to have a little fun from time to time as well. We like to be actively involved in supporting different community events and know how to make sure that people can have a good time.

Cause of Loss

There are many potential fire hazards in your home. When something goes wrong with one of them the results can be traumatic. In this case the dryer started on fire and caused serious damage to the home and the things within the home. If this does happen to you don't hesitate to call SERVPRO we have years of experience in cleaning up house fires, we will get your house cleaned up "Like it never even happened."  

Moisture Content

When drying a home it is always important to make sure that different materials in the home are dry. To be certain that we have dried all of the materials in the home we utilize moisture meters that will tell us just how dry or wet the material is.

Drying Right

When it comes to drying your floor after it has been flooded you want it done right and you want it done right now. At SERVPRO we understand the importance of doing things right. We have all of the Equipment that we need to get the job done right. While we can't instantly dry a floor we will work to dry it as quick as possible.

Flooded Home

This is a site that no home owner wants to see when they get home, but in this case what the home owner saw when they came home was more water than this. A toilet supply line had broken and flooded the entire house. Fortunately this home owner called SERVPRO of Cedar City and we responded quickly to get the job done right.