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Fire Emergency Tips for Homeowners With Pets

6/23/2022 (Permalink)

A dog at the Front Door. Follow our Fire Emergency Tips and protect your Pets, Family and Property.

Your pets bring you incalculable joy and comfort, and their well-being is likely a high priority for your family. That's why they need to be part of any fire emergency plan you have for your home in Cedar City, UT.  

Pet Safety Strategies To Use During a Fire

Any animal you have in your home depends on you for its safety and care. Pet preparation for a home fire boils down to rescue assistance, accident prevention and an emergency escape plan.

Make Pet Rescue as Easy as Possible

When you travel, you likely take your pets with you or leave them with a sitter. If they're home alone while you're out for the day, though, your pets still need a way to get out in the event of a fire. Most of the time, the task is going to fall to the firefighters who arrive on the scene.

Their main priorities, however, are going to be making sure that there are no people to rescue and putting the fire out so that it doesn't spread. There are a few precautions you can take ahead of time to make it easier to free your pets:

  • Place a pet alert decal on a window near the front door of your home. This tells firefighters or anyone else who may need to enter that the animals are present.
  • Keep pets near the front door when you leave your home for the day so that the emergency team doesn't have to look for them.
  • Make sure your pets are wearing collars and that leashes are within grasp near the front door.

Prevent Animals From Starting Fires

The best way to handle a fire emergency is to keep it from happening altogether. Pets don't recognize fire hazards, so you need to take precautions on their behalf. Never leave a pet alone with an open flame. You may not think it's a big deal to leave the room with the fireplace still blazing or a lit candle sitting on the table, but it only takes a matter of seconds for a curious cat or dog to get too close and cause a problem. 

Young pets are particularly prone to accidents. If you ever leave your young dog alone at home, for example, you need to puppy-proof any area it has access to. Remove the knobs from the stove so that the animal doesn't chew or brush against them and ignite the burners. Better yet, keep young pets crated or sequestered away from potential threats.

Include Pets in Evacuation Plans

Any fire escape plan you have for your family needs to include pet safety. Designate a specific member of the family to make sure the pets get out. Incorporate the animals in your family fire drills so that they are more likely to remain calm and listen to commands if an actual emergency occurs.

Certified restoration experts advise that you adequately prepare the whole family for a fire emergency. This includes any pets that live in your home. Understanding how to keep your beloved animals safe is a key component of pet ownership.

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