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10 Ways to Protect Your Property This Halloween | Safety and Security

10/26/2021 (Permalink)

10 Ways to Protect Your Property This Halloween

With Halloween around the corner, many families are preparing to celebrate the holiday by putting up decorations, buying costumes for their children, and more. While Halloween is a fun and festive holiday, not everyone who is strolling the streets has good intentions. Some people hide behind costumes to commit crimes, including property damage. Vandals and burglars aren’t the only worry either. With Halloween comes many risks for homeowners, so be sure to be prepared for the holiday this year.

1. Stay Vigilant Against Crime

While you may be seeing many little monsters this Halloween, including vampires, goblins, and ghouls, there may also be some people up to no good. During Halloween, everyone is distracted with trick-or-treating, which makes it easier for wallets, purses, and valuables to be stolen. Stay vigilant this year by keeping an eye on your property and belongings as you hand out candy.

2. Blow Out Candles to Prevent Fires

After a long night of trick-or-treating, you may forget to blow out any candles you placed inside jack-o-lanterns. While using real candles in a carved pumpkin is a great tradition, it can lead to devastating fires. If you do plan to light a pumpkin, make sure to blow the candle out or opt for battery-operated candles instead.

3. Take Advantage of Your Peephole

Most people are expecting excited children dressed in costumes to knock on their door for candy, but sometimes criminals take advantage of this to invade your home. If you have a peephole or window on your door, use it before opening your door to ensure it’s eager children looking for candy.

4. Park Your Car in the Garage

Keep any cars, vehicles, bikes, outdoor supplies, and outside toys in your closed garage for the night. This will help protect your belongings from being stolen or vandalized, and it will put your mind at ease while you hand out candy or take your kids trick-or-treating.

5. Be Careful Where and How You Set up Decorations

If you plan to put up decorations, be mindful and cautious where and how you set them up. Keep an extension and power cords out of the footpath to prevent any trick-or-treaters from tripping and getting injured. If you have any hanging decorations, make sure they are secure so that they do not fall and hit someone. If someone were to get injured on your property, you would be held responsible.

6. Use Motion-Detecting Lights for Security

Use motion-detecting lights to add a little extra security to your yard. Whether you are out with your kids or asleep, installing motion-sensor lights will scare away anyone looking to do no good on your property since it would bring attention to them.

7. Always Lock Your Doors

Whether you’re staying home to hand out candy, going to a party, or trick-or-treating, make sure you keep all your doors and windows locked at all times. While it may seem inconvenient to lock your front door after every trick-or-treater, it’s a better alternative than a burglar or vandal gaining access to your home.

8. Consider Using Security Cameras

Security cameras can give your property added security and video footage to hand to the police should anything happen on your property. You can install these cameras throughout your yard and check your cameras from the comfort of your couch. If you see suspicious activity, it can give you more time to get to safety and call for help than if you didn’t have cameras installed.

9. Be Watchful for Pedestrians If You’ll Be Driving

During Halloween, children will likely be running to and from houses without looking both ways before crossing the street. With the thought of candy on their mind, many may not be thinking about safety, which leaves it up to you to be watchful when you’re driving through residential areas.

10. If You’ll Be Out, Keep Your Home Lights on a Timer

No matter what you plan to do on Halloween, if you won’t be home, consider putting your home’s lights on a timer, alternating which room’s lights are on. Even if you won’t be home, this will help keep the impression that someone is home, warding away anyone that may be looking to break into homes.

While criminal activities are increased on Halloween, this doesn’t necessarily mean something will happen to you or your property. But it’s always better to be safe than sorry. If something does happen to your property, such as fire damage, trust SERVPRO of Cedar City/Fillmore to clean up your property for you!

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