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Smoke Damage Kitchen

Can you believe such a small incident, can cause such big issues? This is a small little fire that occurred in the customer's kitchen, specifically on his stov... READ MORE

Ceiling collapse from water leak upstairs

When the home owners came home they had 3 inches of water all over there living room area. There beautiful area rugs, chairs, and other furniture had been dama... READ MORE

Drying out an office building after a flood.

This office had been flooded when a supply line broke in the bathroom. The entire first floor was affected with humidity going up to the second floor. A quick c... READ MORE

Do you know what kind of supply line to buy?

A supply line break is the most common of the water damage problems in Cedar City and Fillmore. Supply lines can be found on the toilets, each sink, the dishwas... READ MORE

Cedar City Daycare Water Damage

Our water damage cleanup company has been the best choice for residential disaster cleanup and restoration for over 40 years. We are also the best choice for Co... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage Cleanup

Commercial buildings are often flooded. There is a lot of pipes running to sprinklers, bathrooms, and fire suppression systems. It is only a matter of time befo... READ MORE

Cedar City Water Damage Cleanup

Water damage can happen at any time. This home in Cedar City had been damaged after an upstairs toilet had leaked from the supply line overnight. The amount of ... READ MORE

Commercial Cleanup in Rental Property

Water damage at a rental property is no fun for the property manager or the renter. Property managers have been using our services for over 10 years. When your ... READ MORE

Flooded Basement in Cedar City, UT, Home

When you walk into your basement and see this it is normal to feel alarmed. At SERVPRO we understand the feeling but we also know how to take care of such a sit... READ MORE

Water damage

This is a flood that we responded to in Cedar City, UT. We quickly extracted floodwater and removed the drywall. Such a disaster can be very disruptive to your ... READ MORE